False Hope

I have been posting about hope every day this year and recently I have had my hopes dashed in regard to something I felt was extremely important. I have been thinking though that perhaps the hope I was holding onto wasn’t realistic; it was false hope. The definition about false hope is given in the Cambridge English dictionary:

confident feelings about something that might not be true

So what is the difference between hope and false hope? An example of false hope is:

I don’t want to raise any false hopes, but I believe your son is still alive.

As I said earlier my hopes in regard to something I believe passionately about have been dashed, so I think perhaps that was false hope. Where do I go from here?

I hope forwards. Hope for me is a decision. The event that didn’t happen has not extinguished hope;I still approach each day with hope in my heart, with a hopeful perspective and Hope is still my special friend, offering me comfort in my despair.

And I feel the hope of others around me. I feel the kindness and support of the growing number of followers (over 50 now yay!). I feel the kindness of friends and compassion. That keeps me in hope. So today my false hope is extinguished and yet I still hope. Because I believe that hope is real.

May you not cling on to false hope and if your hopes have been dashed, may you still find hope to hope again X


https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/false-hopes (accessed 18/06/2020)

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