New life from the soil

During this pandemic, I am starting new, safe projects. Gardening is something I dismissed as a young person, just wanting to be out with friends. When I was indoors I would read or write poetry, as my hobby. Gardening was in my mind dull and for old people!

And now I am older and in a pandemic. How things have changed. Yesterday I did my evening walk and passed by a sign which invitingly stated: ‘Plant sale’. I had walked by before. There were lovingly tended plants outside a house for £1-£2 each, a bargain.

So now I have a white geranium, to match the red one, some rosemary and a pink rock rose (whatever that is!) They will be planted today. The lady who sells these came out to greet us yesterday and she does open gardens (or used to prior to lockdown). She loves sharing her garden with others.

I have a beautiful olive tree, which seems to be singing. It is bursting with white flowers and looks joyous. When I lived in a previous home, one of my olive trees sadly died and this one looked wilted. I did not have enough time to water and look after it, or my other plants, properly. Now this tree is having a lot of sun and water and looks like it has outgrown its pot, so will be going into the garden. That is today’s plan.

New life springs from the soil. Hope springs from looking at flowers bud and come into blossom. At trees which are zestful and shower their beauty upon us. And this lady gardener gave hope by selling beautiful plants. I wrote yesterday about our national treasure. Vera Lynn gave hope through her singing, to Britain during the war. This lady gives hope to our village, by selling her lovely plants.

Today’s hope recipe is to consider yourself as a hope vessel. You may not be a gardener but what hope can you carry? I have been passing on unwanted food and the recipients are very grateful. We can give what we have. In these times I feel that small acts of kindness are especially meaningful. I went to visit some dear friends recently (hello by the way), and they prepared some beautiful cinnamon buns for me. That made my day! Never underestimate the power of a hope gift. And for anyone struggling, others like to give, so open your arms to receive. Ask for help, pick up the phone. People really care about you.

May you be hope vessels in your community today X

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