Almost there

When I was a child I remember the phrase ‘almost there’, encouraging me that we were nearing our destination and that it wouldn’t be long before I could get out of the car/off the bus or train or sit down soon if we were on foot.

The almost ‘there’ principle is in many senses an embodiment of hope. It encourages us to keep going. My lockdown read has been the mammoth epic ‘The Goldfinch’ and the other day I realised I was almost there, with only a few pages of the 768 to go. I saved them and yesterday ‘almost there’ became ‘finished’, as I completed the book. I am proud of having reached my destination with it, as it was more of an endurance test than an enjoyable read (apologies Donna Tarrt if you are reading this blog!)

I am almost there with another milestone on this blog (keeping it a secret until I reach it, then I will let you know!) I get excited as I look at the stats because it encourages me to keep writing and keep hope alive for myself.

And for those who are following my tales of the garden, I am almost there with that too. Yesterday I spoke to some wonderful friends and that waylaid me somewhat, however I managed to plant all the plants; white geranium, pink dog rose (very pretty indeed as it has flowered upon arrival in its new home) and repotted the gerbera and geranium which have space to expand now. I am almost there; the olive tree needs to be in the garden which involves digging a space. I have never dug before, so that will be a new lesson.

I love the phrase ‘almost there’. It creates a sense of anticipation, excitement and yes of course hope. It creates an image of having travelled so far and nearing an end. Life is a series of ‘almost theres’. I committed to write for 365 days on hope and now I have written 200 posts, I am getting there, but not ‘almost these’. I wonder what it will feel like when I am ‘almost there’.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider where you are at with this phrase. If you are ‘almost there’ and are not a completer/finisher as I was discussing with a dear friend yesterday, then push through. Because the end is in sight. I am not always good at completing things, but am learning that a good ending is just as important as powering along at the start. If you know you will never arrive at the end of something, perhaps consider whether it is time to stop. It isn’t always good to give up, but if something isn’t working then it may be time to start something new.

I hope to have news on my next blog milestone soon.

May you reach your destination and enjoy the journey as much as the arrival X


Tartt, D., 2013. Goldfinch, The. London: Little, Brown Book Group.

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