Yesterday’s miracle

I have said before that I believe in miracles. As a Christian, I believe in prayers being answered and that is one massive reason for the hope I carry in my heart. Some may attribute miracles to another source, such as coincidence. Anyway I had a lovely miracle yesterday.

I have been thinking for a while that I would like to get fit. And one way of getting fitter, is to ride a bike. My brother came over for a socially distanced visit yesterday, but his lovely bike was simply too high. My feet only just touched the ground, well my tiptoes and it was too dangerous. I felt my hopes were dashed because I wasn’t wanting to buy a new bike. I prayed to God and told Him I would love a bike.

Later in the afternoon, I heard the phone ring and missed the call. The landline rang and it was my parents. They had seen a bike a few doors up the road, waiting for an owner. I went and had a look. Slightly battered, but a ladies mountain bike, with a big note stuck on it saying ‘free’. I wheeled it away.Later I saw the lady of the house coming out and was able to thank her and her partner for their generous gift. They told me it will need the tyres blowing up, a clean and a lot of WD40. That’s fine by me. I said a prayer of thanks to God for this quickly answered prayer. That is quite a shock to me, because many of my recent prayers haven’t been answered in the way I had hoped. Sometimes, I think, God says no to what we may want.

Anyway, my new, or rather not quite so new bike will bring me happiness. I will learn to ride it (I haven’t been known to do much exercise, but now is my time!) I will enjoy cleaning it up and giving it TLC

Today’s recipe of hope is to not give up hope for a miracle. Even if you do not have religious beliefs, or are of a different faith tradition, wonderful things can still happen out of the blue in life. Keep hoping to get better, keep hoping to lose weight. The miracle for many of us is the hope, rather than the final outcome. And if you are a Christian, then you may want to pray for your own miracle.

May you have your miracle come true X

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