That was then and this is now

I feel that many of us are wrestling with the ‘new normal’, with new ways of doing things. How do we go forward. In my mind I have adopted a new mantra: ‘that was then and this is now’.

What this looks like is to accept things have changed. Going forward with hope that we can care for one another, look after one another, be kind and compassionate.

I accept that a virus lurks in our midst and is no respecter of persons. And as I have said before, strange as it may sound, I respect the virus, as I respect, fire and water. I do not take unnecessary risks, like ignoring social distancing. My ‘new normal’ looks like a much less frenetic pace of life, slower, with less travel, les shotels and holidays, more phone calls, more gardening and more time spent indoors.

Because I want to be a s careful as possible. Because I have researched as much as possible and I want to keep myself and others safe and well. Because I want to take responsibility for my own actions.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider the ‘new normal’. What does it look like for you? And if you are not happy with other people’s actions; if perhaps they are being reckless in your view, then consider how you can keep yourself safe. Because, when we reduce the risks to ourselves, this has a ripple effect.

May you and your families all remain safe and well X

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