Room for everyone

Today I went to a wonderful food bank, which is newly set up. They were giving away lovely fresh fruit and bread. Someone came along the street from another food bank, which is a few yards away and we ended up chatting to one another. Duplication you may say, however, in my view there is room for everyone.

The food bank offering free fruit gave water to the other food bank, who hadn’t had water delivered. In many ways they will, I hope support one another.

There is plenty to go around and distribute. In my opinion, hope is about sharing and caring; giving away what we have got and supporting one another.

My dear friend Helen will be starting her own blog soon, so watch this space those of you who have enjoyed her posts. And I am grateful to fellow bloggers who have supported my site. There is room for everyone.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider supporting someone in their venture, a fellow blogger by reblogging a post, or having a free post to advertise. I am always happy to support other bloggers; if you want to promote your site then get in touch. You may want to encourage a friend in their venture, or volunteer for an organisation, such as a food bank. Volunteers are very precious and greatly appreciated ( I work with volunteers and they are worth their weight in gold).

Thank you for supporting me in this blog. May you all have a wonderful week and may you find many supporters X

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