Starting small

As many of you are aware, this blog started with a simple idea of doing a ‘hope experiment,’ which entailed writing hope recipes for 365 days and seeing what happened. Starting small-with no followers, no comments and no likes. Just an idea. And now six months later I have written over 200 posts, have over 50 followers and have received many likes (new milestone coming shortly!) I started small because we all have to start somewhere. And my small blog has grown a bit bigger.

I have been encouraging my friend Helen who is starting her new blog soon (this will be well worth a visit) and sharing my knowledge with her. My main piece of advice for any new blogger is simply to start. Build your blog sentence by sentence day by day, build relationships with other bloggers (thanks to Christian Mihai for his excellent advice on this) and don’t expect too much too quickly. I write for myself as much as others, I am not aiming to have a huge readership, although I do very much appreciate my followers. But I know that big oaks start from tiny acorns.

I work in a community project as many of you may know. This is now in its second year. We started small with a little group of our wonderful guests. I had a vision for a small food bank and we were blessed with having two very generous harvest festival donations, which we gave away to our guests.

When the lockdown started, I was sad to have all this food just sat there. So we gave it away to another food bank. And then the church where I work was approached by a food bank who needed to move. So there is a very big food bank now, serving 160 families. We started small and then gave away what we had, another important principle. And it returned to us in a different way.

So today’s recipe of hope is not to despair if your best efforts are bringing small return. Small can grow. And if you are just starting your blog, may it grow. Appreciate your first ten followers (thank you to mine), appreciate your next ten (again thank you). Things build slowly but surely. And help others on their journey. If you see them starting small, add your voice of hope to encourage them. Encouragement may seem small but in my eyes it is a massive thing (thank you Bib).

May you all see your small starts growing tall X


  1. This has landed into my postbox on the best of days, which felt like a lonely day until I read your words. I’m not sure how to post a picture here but if I did it would be of the text on the front of a (? home printed?) card that an atheist friend gave me for Easter (and I am Buddhist!). It features a poem and calligraphy (by “Sue Hunt”, whom I haven’t been able to trace) in the shape of an tree, with a garland of oak leaves around the text. Here it is:

    ‘Affirmation To Boost Self-Esteem’ “I am a powerful oak tree, standing stong and high, with branches full of acorns that reach for the sky. My roots are firmly planted deep inside the earth, and folk always admire me and recognise my worth. I send out love and healing to all who come near, and I continue to grow, year after year after year.” (Poem & Calligraphy by Sue Hunt.

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment. I love the affirmation you posted. And just to let you know you are a very special visitor-I have been waiting for a big milestone. You have given me my 300th like and I am very grateful (will be posting on that tomorrow). I wish you a happy day and greetings from the UK. I also wish you all the very best with your blog. Hope X

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