Even if you’re feeling terrible you can still be kind

I said this to my mum yesterday. I must be honest with you all as I promised to be, I have been really battling the last two weeks. I have been struggling emotionally, questioning whether my life has been worthwhile, turning myself inside out with negative feelings and ruminations. But in it all, I have tried to be kind.

Because I think Hope is a comfort, there to offer the promise that one day there will be a breakthrough with the pain, with the emotional pain, with the trauma, with the disappointment, grief and loss. And Hope helps us when we are excited too, looking forward to dreams coming true (Helen looking forward to your blog with two followers even before it is launched!)

But through pain, through happiness, joy and laughter runs the thread that is humanity, human connectedness. But what does this look like you may be wondering? It looks like this: cinnamon buns that someone has prepared straight from their wonderful wood fired oven (thank you Mr and Mrs Bib). It looks like Helen letting me know how to grow my blog and pushing me to challenge myself (look out for Helen’s excellent blog coming very soon). It looks like the beautiful comment from Writing Presence (hello and welcome) on my post yesterday who gave me my 300th like (yay looking forward to my badge WordPress!).

And it looks like a thank you from my lovely goddaughter, who enjoyed the strawberries I was given from a wonderful new food bank and took round to her house. And it looks like my friend who honoured me by asking to me a godmother and have a wonderful role in her daughter’s life (super special as I don’t have my own children). And my other friend who asked me to be a godmother to her lovely daughter, and sends me wonderful photos and videos. And finally it looks like my weekly catch up and inspiration from my dear friend Amanda who sent me a coaster last weekend, stating ‘self-care like a koala bear’. I have used names where permission has been given.

We can see the ripple effect when we look for it. And when we feel most in pain, I think it is most important to be kind. And for those who are struggling on a very deep level what this kindness looks like is being kind to ourselves, asking for help, eating nice food, getting out of bed, reading, sitting in the sun, walking. stroking a pet. Being kind and compassionate to oursleves and others.

And that is today’s recipe of hope; to be kind to yourself and to do one kind act to someone else, if you have the strength. And if you don’t, then to think a kind thought about someone. This changes us because we feel a little better inside and also changes the world around us.

May you know the kindness of others today X

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