Even when life seems terrible, there is always hope on the horizon

Yesterday, I wrote about hoping beyond our feelings and being kind in spite of feeling terrible. Today I want to talk about making mistakes and turning tragedy around. There is a phrase ‘he who has never made a mistake has never made anything’ and I want to explore this.

One of the great heroes of the bible, Paul, had a Damascus experience and ‘saw the light’. He had been murdering Christians and then after a divine encounter totally changed and became a Christian himself, serving God for the rest of his life.

Another wonderful heroine of mine, Joyce Meyer, was sexually abused for many years by her father. She used this dreadful experience to help her become the amazing powerful speaker she is today.

And there are many celebrities who had a very very bad start

Charlize Theron

Black Cloud: It was a succession of beyond-bad-luck stories for the stunning young South African. When Charlize was a 15-year-old farm girl, she watched her mother kill her abusive dad in self-defense. She moved to Manhattan to pursue a career in dance, but her knees blew out, pronto—and with them, her future as a ballerina. At 19, the neophyte actress was living in an L.A. dive, subsisting on stale rolls ripped off from restaurants. Final indignity: after begging mom for cash to stave off starvation, a Hollywood bank refused to cash her way-out-of-town $500 check. “You don’t understand—please,” she unsuccessfully begged the teller. So she freaked—a screaming, flailing temper tantrum in front of the lunchtime crowd. It was her biggest and most rapt audience to date.

Silver Lining: Little did she know, it was also her first successful audition. Talent manager John Crosby, waiting to use an ATM, was captivated by the gorgeous, if high-strung, young woman. “If you’re interested, I’ll represent you,” he told her. As Theron later explained to Oprah, “If I hadn’t been in the bank that day, I honestly don’t think I’d be here right now.” A few months of acting classes later, she landed her first screen role. Ok, it was in Children of the Corn III, but still. 

We have all made mistakes and sometimes life has dealt us bitter blows. But there is always hope to turn things around. If you are about to make a big decision about your life and aren’t sure-press the pause button. Speak to someone for wise words. And if you have made a mistake and you are battling regret, then perhaps consider getting some help to get you through. There are great therapy services out there. Sometimes we can’t do it alone.

So today’s recipe of hope is to start to hope again. For those who have made terrible mistakes, forgive yourself. For those who are in a hopeful place, spread this to others. And if you are wrestling with a decision, please speak to someone you really trust.

Keep hoping onwards dear followers X


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