Stepping out of the boat

There is a very inspiring book by John Ortberg, entitled ‘If You Want To Walk On Water You’ve Got To Get Out Of The Boat’. This is based on a very well known bible story when Peter gets out of the boat to walk to Jesus, then starts to sink. Then Jesus stretches out his hand to catch Peter. John Ortberg talks about getting out of our boats (our comfort zones) and going into new areas.

So today that is what I would like to explore. I wonder how many of you are learning new ways of living through the pandemic. I imagine life has changed for both of us. However the hopeful side of lockdown is that it gives us new opportunities and new paths to walk down. I am embracing creativity; starting this blog, writing short stories on Reedsy Prompts (a great site to meet other writers) and trying new things. I think this is a fantastic new season when the ‘this is now’ principle can be set into motion ie putting old things behind us and embracing new patterns; doing those neglected jobs, sorting that drawer, taking up exercise.

Another aspect of this is supporting one another. I have been greatly supported during these weeks by my dear friends who have walked with me through this lockdown journey. And I believe we need to look to one another, rather than view life as a competition. W can learn much from others and share our sorrows and struggles. We can be vulnerable and build connection through this approach to life. This entails giving and receiving and following advice.

I often mention friends on this blog because I want to celebrate them. I am so proud of the lovely blog my friend Helen has now launched (Lady D’s) and I am also proud of the wonderful work my friend Amanda is doing too; touching many people’s lives. And a shout out to Bib for her care, compassion and kindness to others. And to her husband who is a great example of showing kindness and serving others. And to other bloggers who encourage me: Jeremy, Wandering Ambivert, Mama, Tangie (Mrs T’s Corner) and the fabulous Christian Mihai with his excellent tips for blogging, that I have used. And to Tina Onye for her lovely talk show ‘Walking In Your Calling’. All these people have hope in their hearts and are stepping out of their boat in differing ways. They have contributed to me stepping out of my boat.

I have some lovely news to share today. I am going to do an interview on Meridian news today about the community project I am honoured to work for. I was going to keep quiet about this, however I have been advised by someone I trust to share this. So those people in the UK can watch it. This is an example of me getting out of my boat. I have often been a bit shy about publicity, thinking it may be boastful, however I have spoken to a marketing expert recently and have completely changed my views around publicity. We need to share on the virtual platform; that is modern life. Gone are the days of word of mouth. I am embracing the blogging world, the Facebook and Instagram world. I think we need to be wise and not ram our projects down everybody’s throats as it were (less is more), but we have wonderful tools at our disposal to use.

Today’s hope recipe is to think about your boat and ask yourself some questions ( you may wish to read the book about this). Are you in a comfort zone, that has become stagnant? Has hope drained away because you are in an unbreakable routine? Are you frightened by new things? If you are stuck, there are always ways to become unstuck. I believe being stuck is a choice. Sometimes, drastic measures are needed. If you are feeling terribly stuck in depression, or addiction, then perhaps today consider changing. Pick up the phone and speak to someone for help. This may be a GP or a therapist. The first sttep is often the hardest.

Thank you for following, reading this today. I would love to hear from any followers who have found the blog useful; what has helped you? Have you taken any action as a result of the hope recipes? Please share with us.

May you have the courage to get out of your boats X


(accessed 01/07/2020)

(accessed 01/07/2020)


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