For women

An aspect of hope that I have been thinking about over recent days, is sisterhood. What does this mean? For me it is akin to being in a tribe, where women would support one another while men went out and hunted. Yes we are talking about a very early period in human history, however I think this has a lot to teach us today.

Sisterhood is essentially women supporting one another, rather than being in competition. I have found that fellow female bloggers have been wonderful examples of this and thank you. (I will write about brotherhood another day, not to exclude male followers).

I feel hope is supportive, rather than combative or competitive. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition and certainly many have hopes of winning in specific competitions and that is a different subject altogether. But I think hope is essentially kind, generous and wants everyone else to achieve their dreams and hopes too. There is room for everyone. I think we can all aim to be the best version of ourselves and encourage others in this also.

I welcome any thoughts on this from female bloggers. This is my personal experience and I am happy to have a different opinion.

Let’s keep supporting one another X

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