Hope into Health

Also posted on Hope 2018

I spoke to my brother today who has recently been on a diet. Another family member has lost 3 stone now through sheer willpower. These are great examples of hope being harnessed in a practical way to get healthy. And it is always the right time.

Procrastination comes from the Latin word cras meaning tomorrow. It means putting off, or in other words avoidance. as many of you are aware, this year I have been battling my demons as I walk along my hope adventure pathway and that means stopping old behaviours and taking on new ones.

I am getting my ‘miracle bike’ (see previous post serviced at the moment. I am going to get a helmet and learn to ride it, with the help of a family member, who is like a second dad. I am going to face a bit of a fear because I have dyspraxia so bike riding is a bit of a challenge. But as my wise friend Helen told me “imagine yourself riding along”, so that is exactly what I will do.

I am avoiding avoidance at the moment, trying to not procrastinate. I like avoidance, but it doesn’t get me anywhere. So today’s recipe of hope is to stop procrastinating. Do that diet, get healthy, make that apology, quit ruminating, stop drinking. And please share about what you are doing, I love to know how you are geting on.

May you carpe diem (seize the day!)

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