Also posted on Hope 2018

One very important aspect of hope is gratitude. It is so essential to be grateful and one way of expressing this is to say thank you. It makes others feel appreciated and noticed and is good manners too. I was brought up to say please and thank you and I think this is a very important aspect of life.

Today I had my hairdresser come for the first time since lockdown. I am extremely grateful to her and also my beautician, who does foot care. These lovely ladies are doing a fabulous job so I want to shout out to them today. Thank you.

And I also want to do a shout out to others and thank you. Thank you all my followers, both on WordPress and emial, who read this daily blog. Thank you for continuing to follow the site; for your likes, comments and views of the posts. I look at the stats and I am truly grateful, because without you all (seventy followers now yay!) I wouldn’t have a site. I will do a big celebration when I reach my next big milestone.

I also want to do a massive shout out today to the country of India. You are my second biggest viewing audience after the UK and I am really grateful and want to say hello to all Indian followers today. You are close to my heart and I notice how some read the posts soon after they are written. I think of you all a great deal. I would love to hear how the hope recipes have helped you in your day, if they have, and any comments or suggestions.

Thank you to all refuse collecters, ambulance and truck drivers, restaurant and cafe owners, care workers, GPs, nurses, therapists, shop workers and volunteers. Thank you to fellow bloggers, writers and creative people such as Wandering Ambivert with his beautiful photographic skills.

Thank you to all today’s readers. I am grateful and hopeful you will keep reading this blog.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider gratitude in your heart today. And say thank you to those who have helped or encouraged you during these days.

May you know you are appreciated X

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