Worth the wait

In my opinion, hope is inextricably linked with waiting. My dear friend Helen, creator of Lady D’s excellent blog, shared with me this year how she had always wanted to tell others how she had cared for her mother after a major stroke and this had taught her many valuable lessons. Years after doing this beautiful kindness, she guest posted some of these excellent tips on this site and now this has led to her own wonderful site. I think that was definitely worth the wait.

I have done a degree a Post Graduate Certificate and a Masters degree in my lifetime. This takes patience and you have to wait; wait for the assignments to be written and marked, attend the tutorials and so forth. And they are worth the wait.

Babies take nine months to be born. Definitely worth the wait. And relationships take time to form, weddings take time to plan. So many beautiful things in life don’t happen overnight.

This blog started with 0 followers and now it has 70. I remember looking at the figures when there were 49 following and thinking the fiftieth follower would never appear. And now I am looking towards my next milestone. I am waiting for that with expectancy and hope. I hoped at the start of the year to write every day about hope. And that is what I have done so far (with one slight mishap when I accidentally omitted to post). I will stop blogging daily at the end of the year because I will have reached my goal. I am going to think about what next over the next few months (all suggestions welcome).

Life unfolds and we sometimes have to be in a waiting room, especially when it comes to planning or working towards an event. Waiting is a good discipline because it teaches us patience. People who are impatient may sabotage their own happiness by avoiding waiting and that is not a positive outcome I feel.

If you are waiting, enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Don’t wish your life away. And it will come, eventually.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider your attitude to waiting. If you are a patient person then give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back. If you are impatient, then maybe slow down a bit. Don’t rush through life. Slow down, take time to enjoy the little things. Make that ‘to do list’ a bit smaller and sometimes just sit and be in the moment.

May we all learn to enjoy the wait X

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