How does hope fit with tragedy?

Also published on Hope 2018

Today I learnt of the tragic death of Elvis Presley’s grandson, Benjamin Keough, who took his own life. RIP Benjamin. I write this today in memory of Benjamin, because male suicide is very close to my heart, as it is the biggest killer of men in the UK. The number of suicides recorded in England rose to a record high after surging by a quarter in two years (Independent 8 April 2019). Nearly three quarters (74 per cent) of deaths were among males, with the most common age group affected being those aged between 50 and 54.

I write this to highlight this issue and ask that we look out for and after one another. If you are worried about someone, there is nothing wrong with asking if they are okay. sometimes people show know signs of being unhappy, but they may withdraw or be quieter than normal. Life has been especially difficult over recent months, so it is really important we show we care.

We can be vessels of hope for others. we can encourage, support, text, call and talk when we are out and about (wearing our masks). And especially important, we can ask for help.

So, if you are struggling today please talk to someone. The Samaritans are free and available 24/7 on 116123. And Release The pressure is a fantastic service offering 20 minutes daily chat, foe Kent residents.

Today’s recipe of hope is to offer or ask for help. It is to encourage all of us that we need one another.

Let’s keep talking and reaching out and remember Hold On Pain Ends (HOPE) X

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