Hope for the environment

Today I want to write about hope for our planet and what we can do as a practical contribution towards making big, significant and lasting changes.

I think we can reverse some of the damage done by making conscious efforts and choices to change things. So I am going to try not to buy flavoured sparkling water any longer, because it comes in plastic bottles. I am also going to avoid buying plastic bottles of water and instead use a water bottle I already have. These are only small efforts but if other people do the same, we will not have as much plastic waste. I will endeavour not to buy any clothes, because I already have many lovely things. And I already often have clothes passed from my mum who is very generous and has lovely taste.

During lockdown I have begun to see how easy it is to bow to the god of materialism, without even noticing it happening. I have been lured in in the past and it is amazing how much we can manage without.

There is an amazing story of Afroz Shah, a man who cleared up Mumbai beach. In 2015 he decided to take action and picked up more than 5 million kiolgrammes of trash in three years. Turtles came back to the beach after 20 years. He deserves the United Nations Champion of the Earth Award.

Afroz is an inspiration. Thank you Afroz. And we can all learn from him, making the world a better place.

Today’s recipe of hope is to do your part to help the environment. Clear some plastic from the beach, take a rubbish bag to clear some extra bits littering the ground. And always clear up after you.

May we all work together to help our environment. X

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