I hate tomatoes

Also posted on Hope 2018

What on earth does today’s recipe of hope title have to do with anything? Well I once said this because I do not like the flavour of tomatoes. Probably many people reading this (stay with me, there is a point(, feel the same. And some may not.

We all have different tastes; fashion tastes, food tastes, literary tastes. I love Reedsy Prompts because there is a weekly writing comp and a critique circle, so you can have your writing read and commented on by others. And I read stories that aren’t to my taste. Probably my stories aren’t to everyone’s taste either.

And that is okay. Because we all like different things. What isn’t okay is to be force fed tomatoes, or told I should like them. we all have choices to make. Prescribing what is right for me doesn’t make me feel that good. And I respect other people’s choices. I respect sometimes people make risky decisions that I would not make ie spending money on something when perhaps it could be better spent on debts. However we cannot control other people’s choices, only our own.

I write this because sometimes when we are feeling bad, we may try to overly influence others and this can lead to controlling behaviour. And that is definitely not okay, because this can then lead to toxic and even abusive relationships.

We are free to choose what we like and don’t like. Others are free to do the same.

Today’s recipe of hope is simply this; to consider other people’s right to choose. I am aware that domestic abuse has significantly increased during lockdown. And the basis of this abuse is coercive control. So let us respect sometimes we just think differently from those we are close to and that is okay.

Today I celebrate difference. X

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