The power of ritual

I was speaking to a dear friend today and we were talking about childhood memories. I remember going to my nan and grandad’s house as a child and there was always the ritual of the Quality Street tin being offered, full of yummy sweets. This was a ritual.

As humans we love rituals and they imprint upon us. I remember my mum reading me bedtime stories when I was little. I think this helped create in me a love of reading.

I used to be ‘Auntie Mellor’ to a lovely friend Kate, whose daughter I am now godmother to. She jokingly called me this and I would say ‘nor’ in response. We go back a long long way, in fact we bonded when Kate was six months old. And now Kate is a mum. I sat in her parents’ garden today and reminisced about how I first went to their house about 32 years ago. A lifetime of shared experiences together.

These building blocks of life are very important. I celebrate the knighthood of Captain Sir Tom Moore yesterday. This wonderful ceremony touches our hearts. Ceremony, ritual, celebration are part of the rich tapestry of life and make wonderful and lasting memories.

Today’s recipe of hope is to talk about or think about your own family or personal ritual. and if you do not have one, maybe you would like to make one, And if you are a blogger then you may wish to make one also. I have my daily ritual of writing a hope recipe and I also celebrate blogging milestones like when I reached fifty followers (well on my way to my next milestone now). And I regularly welcome all my fabulous new followers, so if that is you thank you for reading this today.

Enjoy the rituals of life everyone X

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