Apologising is an interesting concept. In my view saying sorry is extremely important, although needs to be genuine. Saying sorry requires self-awareness. It is about taking responsibility for our actions.

Saying sorry is about trying to repair damage done by a mistake. However an apology should not be insincere or a mere gesture of placation. I feel that apologies need to be acted upon, there should be a demonstrable change in behaviour.

And let’s face it some people never apologise. So what do we do about that? We can choose to forgive. I feel forgiveness means we avoid bitterness, which destroys us ultimately, rather than the other person. Although if people keep hurting us then sometimes we need to walk away.

There is an old saying ‘he who has never made a mistake has never made anything’. I agree. We all make mistakes, no-one is perfect. And we all rub against one another and can at times cause deep pain and distress. Hope comes in because we can hope to be the very best version of ourselves. And if we stuff it up, it is very good to admit it.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider our view of what sorry means. If we need to, then let us apologise. If someone says sorry to us, then weigh if this is a genuine apology and if it is then perhaps accept the apology to save the relationship. However if someone deliberately physically hurts you, then says sorry this is abuse and I would advise walking away to protect yourself. Sorry sometimes isn’t enough.

May we all know how to say sorry to one another and truly act upon it X

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