Letting go equals moving forward

Tonight I am writing myself a pep talk, because I promised to be honest at the beginning of this hope journey. So I want to explore how to move forward sometimes we need to create space and that means letting go.

I have been getting rid of old furniture. Not because I want to, but because I need to. And it is very hard to do so. But I am holding on to the premise that in order to have something new, the old has to go. Why is it so hard I wonder?

Anyone who has encountered loss for any reason, whether through circumstances or bereavement, has faced letting go. And this process can be very painful. However I believe if we do not go through this process we become stuck and then stagnate.

This principle applies to material objects and people. Sometimes we need to let go of others we may be holding onto, or holding back. And we need to let go of ourselves sometimes, namely not allowing ourselves to become stale, challenging ourselves and growing.

I am struggling to let go of painful memories at present. But I am doing everything I can to move forward; being kind and compassionate to myself, eating well, lots of exercise. And slowly I am inching forward. And that is okay. Because sometimes the challenges of life turn us inside out. And it takes a long time to readjust.

Today’s recipe of hope is to think about letting go? Are there things you are hanging onto that are imprisoning you? Do you need to let go of that thing that initially was wonderful and has turned into something else? Or do you need to leave a job, a house that you may have outgrown?

May we all know when it is time to leave the past behind in order to move forward X

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