My Best Blogger #3

Thea Thoolika

I have known her as Hope (her pen name), before she introduced herself as Melody. And I would always love to call her Hope as she is filled with so much of Hope, which she extends to us through her writing.

My Best Blogger #3💕Melody Wimhurst

Her post titled Helpful Hope is my favourite and it makes her, a favourite blogger of mine because she is never reluctant to ask for help. She also lends her helping hand and spreads positivity through everything she does.

I decided yesterday to ask for help from others because I am struggling with many things in life at the present time. I decided that it wasn’t worth cancelling going to things but instead I would ask for help in getting there. I explained how I just couldn’t manage going to a group on my […]

Helpful hope

Thank you all for reading and do…

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