Vessels of hope

Today I was honoured to receive a wonderful tribute from Jeremy Jain Babu, which I have posted earlier. Please visit her lovely site For me Jeremy is a vessel of hope.

We can all be hope vessels to the world and to one another. Fellow bloggers encourage and uplift us, followers uplift us as they engage with our site (thank you followers), likes uplift, views are received with gratitude.

And being a hope vessel is not always easy. I have shared the ups and downs of my hope adventure with you all. Some days I have to seek comfort from Hope, looking for her in a kind word or gesture, connecting with a friend, or reading beautiful words or going for a walk.

Jeremy Babu is encouraging and supportive and I shout out to her today. I shout out also to all my fellow bloggers and thank you all for keeping producing lovely sites.

Today’s recipe of hope is to be a hope vessel. Create something beautiful for someone, a piece of jewellery (Delevingne Designs), or a piece of art, or photography. Beauty inspires hope. Write a poem, sing a song, or unleash your creativity in another way.

May you all be hope vessels in these difficult days X


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