Hope when we get it wrong

I nearly called today’s post ‘hope of doing the right thing’, however I think in life Hope throws us an anchor when we have got it wrong. So often we want to do what is right, but there can be a pull towards something else, another path and that can lead to some very bad consequences. So let’s explore how Hope can come to our rescue.

Those of us who are older will know that basically life can be distilled down to two things; lessons and choices. We make choices every day and even inaction is a choice. And we learn (hopefully) from our choices, building our lives hopefully upon the foundations of good choices.

However for many of us (myself included) who have had adverse child experiences, for one reason or another, life may be harder to navigate. We may battle with emotions, we may find relationships more challenging than others. And we may have mental health issues.

What I think is really important is to forgive ourselves if we get it wrong and make a disastrous choice. It is never to late to leave that job, move away or start afresh. It is never too late to pour that bottle of whisky down the sink, go to a drug counsellor, decide to visit an estranged family member. It is never too late.

Choices do not determine outcomes, because we can always revisit our choices. What is difficult is to take back harsh words and cruel actions. However that can be done too. But those consequences are harder to undo.

Anyone who is reading and has really messed up, then today is the day to consider forgiving yourself. You can always start afresh. And if you have made some good choices, then you can feel pleased with yourself.

Today’s recipe of hope may be to start afresh and go down a new path. If you are battling addictions, there may be many days of starting afresh and that is okay. And if you are making good wise choices, then encourage others around you to do the same. Share your business acumen, share your life wisdom.

May we be kind to those who have got it wrong and offer them a helping hand back up X

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