Hope is the only thing stronger than fear

Some of you may recognise today’s quote, which is from a well known film. I won’t tell you the title until the end, but let’s explore some of the themes of the film today.

The film is, in my mind, about hope, along with other concepts also. There is a central storyline about pushing through in the hope of making it to the end. And this hope propels the main character to keep going, amidst great danger and distress and fear.

This film in many way portrays our current battle against a deadly virus. We are all facing the invisible enemy that lurks in our world; how do we keep ourselves safe, how do we keep hoping in the midst of a raging pandemic.

I am blessed to have been kept safe. I feel that my own hope adventure over this year has been a gift. I have determined to journal this daily on this blog and those of you wonderful followers (welcome to all new readers) who have been following me since the start will know this journey has had its highs and lows.

But as lockdown eases and our ‘new normal’ begins, I am so grateful to Hope who has been my constant companion throughout the year. I really view Hope like an angel, like a gift to show me light in the darkest hours and offer me a promise that things will not always remain the same. And it is this Hope that has carried me through a state of national emergency when I was in the midst of the Australian bushfires and now a pandemic. So thank you Hope.

I am aware there are countries reading this which may be facing a great deal of anxiety about this pandemic. You are in my thoughts. My three top countries reading the blog are (in order) 1. UK 2. India 3. USA. I think of you all often as I write and I hope you are all doing okay. I also think of other countries who regularly read this blog, such as South Africa, China, Nigeria, France and Canada. I hope and pray you are doing okay and finding hope in the midst of a dark time for us all.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider those words of the film: that hope is the only thing stronger than death. If you have a Christian faith, like myself, today you may wish to light a candle and pray for others to have hope. And if you are of another faith or no faith, you may like to sit and quietly reflect, perhaps with a candle, on hope and determine to carry hope for others.

And now the big reveal; the film which is well worth watching is: ‘The Hunger Games’.


(accessesd 28/07/2020)

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