My friendship boat has sailed and some people have disembarked

My dad used to speak of a ‘passing parade’ of people but I never really grasped that concept until recently. I said jokingly to a friend recently ” my friendship boat has sailed and some people have disembarked”. Hope is about leaving some things behind and sailing into the future.

Hope knows when it is time to set sail. Hope does not cling to something that is toxic or stale. Hope lets others go. I have let some very precious people leave my life recently. I have thought about this and decided that in order to give myself time to focus on what I want to do ie writing this blog and other writing projects, I need to have time and space to do so. And that means laying some things down. And that is okay.

Letting people go can be hard. Not finding out why someone has chosen to exit stage left is okay sometimes. Sometimes we can of course find out why, bit sometimes it is just fine to think things have run their course. You are of course welcome to disagree, this is just my opinion.

Perhaps we all need to re-evaluate our lives at regular intervals. In the past I have had people in my life who have not been a blessing, who have not helped me become a better person through knowing them. And fortunately, these people are no longer in my life. I have friends who are loyal, trustworthy and true and make me feel hope because they are “my champions”. And you know who you are, so thank you.

So today’s recipe of hope is to imagine your friendship ship leaving the harbour. Who would you like to take with you? And who would you like to leave behind? And maybe this is the time to move on if someone isn’t making the effort with you.

Be true to yourselves and Carpe Diem X


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