Casting our bread

There is an unusual proverb in the bible that states: 1Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again (Ecclesiastes 11:1). So what on earth has that got to do with hop?

I remember when the pandemic hit and the community groups I ran stopped. I had set up a small clothing and food bank. I loved this as it was a long-term dream, because let’s face it food is a basic human need and nobody should be going hungry. And yet in the UK childhood hunger is rife, especially where I live.

So, I decided to give away all our food bank to another organisation. I watched as the boxes were loaded into the local council van and said goodbye to my dream. Fast forward several weeks. I was asked by someone if the building where I work would host a local food bank. And after it was agreed the project came in and now feeds over 60 families each week, including deliveries.

I was given loads of beautiful clothes yesterday and I took them down and they were literally whisked off the rails. I have another load of bags all ready to put out the following week. This is my dream come to fruition. Because I had cast my bread upon the wa\ters.

If we give away what we have, I can guarantee we will get it back. This my dear followers is the law of sowing and reaping. If we sow kindness and compassion, then it will come back to us. If we sow hated and discord we will reap that. So my few tins came back to me a hundred fold.

Today’s recipe of hope is to cast your bread. Give money to charity, give time to a friend, encourage someone with a phone call. Because you will be blessed and this will come back to you atr some time. Giving away what we have is a great lesson in unaselfish generosity.

May we all know blessings because we have blessed others X

References (accessed 30/07/2020).

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