My life is better because of you

Today’s post is a statement and a question also, if you turn it around. I was thinking about friendship and how others enrich my life and then I thought; do I do that for others?

Friendships ebb and flow, however some people we may think of we do not experience as bringing hope to our lives. Some people may drain us and also not be kind. And some may be downright cruel. And those kind of relationships are Toxic.

I wrote recently about vessels of hope. And today I want to ask am I a vessel of hope or do I make others feel despair? Do other people groan at the thought of my phone call or when I want to see them, or is it a pleasure?

Sometimes we need to do some soul searching. Sometimes we need to face some home truths. If people seem to be avoiding us, there may be a reason for this. And if we know some people who are toxic and not making us feel hopeful, then maybe it is time to change those relationships.

Ending a friendship is not easy, but sometimes it is necessary. And it also creates a space for new things. And new relationships. And on occasions, we may need to redefine the relationship; change the pace, slow down, speed up. do new things.

Today’s recipe of hope is to ask ourselves whether the lives of our friends are enricjed by having us in their world (you may even want to ask them). And if, deep within yourself, you think the answer is no, then consider why this is, and what you can do to change this. One aspect of hope is facing tough choices and being open and honest with ourselves and others.

May we enrich the lives of others X


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