Moving on with hope

As many of you may be aware, I run a community project and the aim is to offer hope to the community. Let’s explore how we can help our community to move on from difficult times.

These are the principles which I adhere to in running the project I work in.

Abundance; people can have as much as they like. If someone wants six t-shirts, then they can have six t-shirts if they are there to take. I give away what I have got in the hope that more will come in. And in that way nobody goes away feeling short changed

Offering a listening ear. I also run a befriending service, which is for lonely and isolated people. It is amazing how many people are alone and in need of someone just to ask how they are getting on.

Be kind. Showing kindness and respect to all is vital. People may be drug or alcohol users, but they are given the same respect as everyone else.

Give for nothing. There is a great deal of social deprivation in the area where I live and many people cannot survive on benefits. They may go hungry to feed their children. It is important to give free items of food and clothing. Some people give a donation, but it doesn’t matter if they do not, or even give a tiny amount.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider your community and how to move forward with hope. Sir Captain Tom Moore united the nation of Britain with his wonderful walking, clapping for the NHS united the nation too. These things are so important. Consider whether you can offer your time to do something in the community, such as voluntary work, or even just bake a cake for someone, or offer to do shopping for somebody.

Let’s keep moving forward together X

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