Some of you may remember that a while ago I said I would write a post on brotherhood. I am writing this from a female perspective, but as I have five brothers (one in heaven), I feel entitled to comment.

What is brotherhood? It is defined in The Free Dictionary as

1. The state or relationship of being brothers.2. Fellowship.3. An association of men, such as a fraternity or union, united for common purposes.4. All the members of a profession or trade.

What I want to focus on is a state of being brothers. In my mind this can be a friendship, or a brotherly fraternal relationship. In other words having one another’s backs.

In my mind men spending time together often involves activities rather than chatting. It may involve fishing, camping, quad biking, running and many other things. However the high rate of male suicide suggests that men may need another aspect of brotherhood, which is sharing their emotions and inner feelings. I think women do this well. I am not trying to be sexist here and would love to hear comments from male followers on this topic, but I think it is generally accepted that this is the case.

There is an amazing meeting of men called Man Club, held in Kent, where men can share and support one another in confidence. They also do wonderful walks which women can attend (I have been on one). Hats off to the excellent Man Club who are a life saver (literally).

Today’s recipe of hope is to look out and support men, especially those battling depression. We can all do our bit to help men, by being kind and supportive and speaking to them. We can notice if they aren’t okay. And please ask someone if they don’t seem okay. And if you are female, you can look out for your male friends, or partner, or brother/s.

Let’s encourage brotherhood of man in its truest sense X

References (accessed 06/08/2020)

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