Fur therapy

One aspect of hope that we haven’t really discussed very much is the healing power of animals. I was sat in a garden yesterday and a beautiful baby robin appeared. A friend has recently become a foster mum to a brood of kittens and is posting lovely updates on this little family.

Animals are wonderful therapeutic beings. Dogs and cats in particular are family members and bring an added dimension to people’s lives. I think of the wonderful cat Bob, who changed his owner’s life. Bob was a priceless gift.

I love animals, especially rabbits. I am not able to have any at the present time, but one day I would love to have a pet. But for now I hope to visit the kittens. I would love to hear from pet owners on how their pet builds hope into their day.

So today’s recipe of hope is to enjoy our furry friends. Celebrate your pet today (quick shout out to Helen who is getting a puppy!) And for those who do not have pets, maybe you would like to offer a home to a rescued animal, or foster one. Or you could offer to walk a dog for a neighbour (in a safe way of course, as per covid guidelines). And let us always treat animals with love and kindness X


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