Stories of hope from a foodbank

As you know I work in a community project so on Monday I like to share hope stories with you.

The lessons I am learning from our clothing bank are that creativity is a good way to be able to help people. A pavement dweller asked me for men’s clothing last week and I didn’t have anything, but I asked if he read. “True crime” was the response, so I found him some lovely books. A woman came who asked for baby clothes. Again, we didn’t have any. But we did have a lovely great condition baby walker. So I always try to give people something.

Another lesson is the ‘abundance principle’. As you know, I am a Christian and I believe God is a God of abundance; abundant kindness, abundant compassion, abundant generosity. And so I like to use these ways at the clothing bank. I know some people may take more than others. But when items are freely given, who am I to ration? Because more will come in. And I like people to go away feeling blessed by our little clothing bank. If you ever in Margate, do come and visit us.

Another lesson is that there is room for everyone. We are on the same road as The Salvation Army, who also give food and clothing. But I do not think we are duplicating and both organisations have a different approach. I love the idea of one road being the ‘hope road’ as I see it.

Today’s recipe of hope is to support your local food or clothing banks. People are in desperate need and many people are losing their income and struggling to feed their families. More than ever those of us with abundance can share it with others. Let’s give generously in whatever way we can and spread hope to those not feeling much hope at the moment X

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