Hope is genuine

This morning I have been thinking about the qualities of Hope. I feel Hope is very genuine, so I want to explore that today.

For me, there is nothing worse than feeling like someone’s ‘project’. Has anyone else ever felt like this? By this I mean there is a hidden agenda. I have been deeply touched recently by the kindness of some friends who have consistently offered a hand of hope to me. This feels genuine. I have also experienced ‘fair weather friendship’ as I would describe it; people who are there in the good times but not in the bad. And I have also experienced feeling as if I have to ‘be something’ for others, rather than just being myself. This is hard to quantify but it does not engender a feeling of being a genuine relationship.

I have been questioning myself recently, because I write this blog. I feel hope is ‘congruent’ and by that I mean it is not two faced. It is kind and open and caring and does not have ulterior motives, or hurt people when their backs are turned. It does not gossip and also champions another person. And it is not unkind or cruel or selfish. And the great think about hope is it can never be extinguished.

So today’s recipe of hope is to do some soul searching. Ask ourselves if we are genuine? Do we have a hidden agenda in regard to our motives in relationships? And how do we make other people feel? Ask those closest to you if they feel hopeful when they are around you? Do a hope inventory. And if you feel you are far from hopeful that’s okay. Because today you can try to find Hope again. Seek and you will find her with arms outstretched, ready to give you a hug.

May we all grow as people and be the very best versions of ourselves in these challenging times X

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