Why is hope so important?

Today I want to turn to a site called Hope Grows. This has some very interesting comments on hope. The following is an extract from their site:

Why Is Hope So Important?

To have hope is to want an outcome that makes your life better in some way. It not only can help make a tough present situation more bearable but also can eventually improve our lives because envisioning a better future motivates you to take the steps to make it happen.

Whether we think about it or not, hope is a part of everyone’s life. Everyone hopes for something. It’s an inherent part of being a human being. Hope helps us define what we want in our futures and is part of the self-narrative about our lives we all have running inside our minds.

Hope is indeed a part of everyone’s life, whether we acknowledge it or not. We either feel hope full or hope less. along the lines of the glass half empty, glass half full paradigm.

How is everyone doing in their relationship with Hope? I can honestly say this last week I was saying “Hope where have you gone?” and feeling she had abandoned me. I am feeling a little bit more like she has shown up over the last few days. She has been calling to me, but I have had my fingers in my ears. Or rather my eyes shut to some of the lovely things right in front of me. When we are in a place of pain, it is hard to heed Hope’s call.

In writing this Hope adventure, I feel my relationship with Hope is defined by my fluctuating emotions, however I am aware that Hope (as a presence, like an angel), is always there, even if I feel far from her. I am aware that my hope experience is a decision and my emotions do not define the existence of Hope; rather they define me. I am more and more convinced that being hope full is a discipline to be practiced rather than taken for granted and predicatable.

Have any of you felt the same? How do you experience Hope? I feel that I have a mystical view of her these days, like an angelic presence. But that is just my experience.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider which aspect of your own life that you wish to improve and to pour Hope into this area. Write goals, discuss this with friends, dream dreams, spend time investing in it. Because you are worth it.

May we invest in ourselves, so we can be the best version of us X


https:hopegrows.net/news/why is hope so important? (accessed 12/08/2020)

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