You cannot kill hope

I wanted to write about the essence of hope, which is that it is always alive. The title of today’s post is from my dear friend Amanda and thank you for inspiring me to write this.

We are in the midst of a world pandemic. Thousands of people have died in the UK alone, of this hideous virus. And yet hope lives. People are being creative, reaching out to others, walking on zimmer frames, applauding the NHS, making lemonade to raise money for other countries. Hope abounds.

My view is that Hope often shines brightest in the face of tragedy. Hope lives in our hearts and will never be extinguished. Even when there is only a tiny ember of hope. she is still there and ready to hold us and comfort us. Hope is there in a pandemic, in atrocities, grief, pain and loss. The great thing about Hope is that she is everywhere, in everything. Hope is fundamental to being human.

Even when our hopes are dashed, when disaster strikes, we can hope for something new, something different. When our path is painful and full of thorns, there is hope that the pain may not be as bad tomorrow.

Hope is such a great comfort and a beautiful thing. There is a scene in Patch Adams, where tragedy strikes and Patch has lost hope. A butterfly alights on him and his hope is restored. It is as simple as that sometimes; the beauty of a flower, or a butterfly. Hope never dies.

Today’s recipe of hope is to sit and experience hope. If you have plenty of hope, sit and reflect for ten minutes, Think about your hopes and dreams. Imagine them coming true. And if you are in a place of struggle or grief, then imagine Hope coming to visit you and putting an arm around your shoulder. Imagine kindness and compassion. Because that is what Hope loos like. And let us all be the hope in this world.

May we know Hope as never before in these days X


Accessed 15/08/2020

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