Hope is good

The wonderful thing about Hope is that she is good. I refer to Hope as female, because I view her in my mind this way, but obviously that is only my personal opinion.

I heard a very interesting poem this week. It was about being nice versus being real. I have been thinking a lot about what this ‘real’ looks like. It doesn’t mean being nice; it means being genuine and sometimes what being genuine is won’t be what others want or expect from us.

If we try and please other people, we can inadvertently hurt ourselves. We can do what others want and it is not real or genuine. And basically, it doesn’t work. Hope is good and does good, to others and to ourselves.

I love my friend Helen’s wonderful blog Lady D’s. She has written some fascinating posts about the gut and how our gut is our second brain. That famous phrase ‘gut feeling’ means we have an instincive feeling on the inside that something just doesn’t sit right.

I have an extremely strong gut feeling about many things, but sometimes I have got it wrong. I have ignored warnings to my own detriment. And I think Hope is also a great safety mechanism, because Hope wants to keep us safe. Part of her function is to provide guidance and alerts when we are straying into unsafe territory. And that involves our physiological make up, our inner gut instinct, which is very accurate.

Sometimes it is best to withdraw when we are struggling with life. Sometimes it is good to keep ourselves safe by taking a step backwards and being kind and compassionate to ourselves until we feel better again. Sometimes we need to press through and be with people around us. Sometimes when we are in a toxic relationship with someone or people who are not doing us good, we need to move away from them. I think regarding this we need to follow the inner gut feeling that is the voice of healing Hope.

I have shared how I have a Christian faith. I feel that God is hugely enormously compassionate and He has given us a gift which is Hope. Hope is for everybody and is always an anchor to keep us safe.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider being nice versus being real. Are we being nice to our own detriment? Has the balance of doing the best for ourselves gone a bit awry? Let us ask some soul searching questions today. And if you have a strong gut feeling that something isn’t right then heed that, don’t shut it down. Even if it means some tough choices, then heed that inner voice. And talk to someone if you are in a toxic relationship, especially if it is abusive. Get help from professionals if you need it.

May we all know what it is to be real, not nice X

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