Let’s go for a walk

Today I want to explore the beauty of the outside world. There is so much to discover. Where I live, there are parakeets, seagulls and last night I think there was a hedgehog ambling across the path. There are beaches, the sea and beautiful parks.

Nature is a natural antidote to low mood. It is a great distraction and also it softly whispers hope through its beauty. Seeing a lovely shimmer of green flying through the air, hearing the swish swish of the waves, experiencing the symphony of colour that is a dramatic sunset; these are gifts and create hope.

Last night I went for a long walk with a dear friend. We walked and talked and talked. And it was good. I have been able to talk with a lot of dear friends recently who are my hope carriers and I know some of you read this blog-thank you. Walking and talking is a wonderful way of building hope.

Walking can be gentle, as mine mainly are; a long stroll. However there are also walking clubs, for the more serious and health walks. What a wonderful way to get fitter and also meet people. For the isolated, this is ideal. It can be done in a safe way too, as you are outside and can be apart from each other.

If you like nature and want to experience its beauty, check out the blog of Wandering Ambivert. There are the most beautiful photographs and musical pieces. It stirs the soul to explore the world with Hannes van Eden.

Today’s recipe of hope is to go for a walk. You may wish to go alone, or with a friend. And if you are physically unable to do this, look at a site where you can do a visual walk. And while you are walking, think about hope and build your hope reservoirs.

May we all enjoy the beauty of our natural environment X

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