More lessons from a foodbank

Someone said to me today “when you’ve got nothing, you appreciate everything”. This is deeply profound and true. I learn lessons weekly from the wonderful souls who come to our food bank, many of them men who live in tents. They are respectful, polite and kind.

I have a donation jar to take donations for the free items we give (10p is fine). However, I have started to say to people “please pay it back in kind, be kind to someone else”. Because hopefully there will be a ripple effect and kindness will spread out. The man I was speaking to me today told me they had helped a young person on the streets yesterday, by offering them a place by the fire. Those with nothing offering the little they had.

This touches my heart. I learn lessons of hope from people living on the streets; lessons of perseverance, battling on and not giving up. Not one comes across as self-pitying, despite the challenges they face. They are brave pavement warriors, inmcredible giants of hope in my view.

Today’s recipe of hope is to think about those who have nothing and reach out in some way. It may be offering a prayer, or just thinking of them with kindness and respect. One of the men I spoke to today told me that when he says he has no fixed abode, people immediately look down on him. Hope does not judge; it helps, it offers compassion and kindness, it pays it forward.

Let us all pay back the kindnesses we have been shown to those who have not been shown kindness X

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