Seasons come, seasons go

It is nearing the end of Summer here in the UK and there is a whisper of autumn in the air; cooling weather, leaves fluttering down like tears, winds biting more harshly than the sedate Summer breezes and the calendar becoming closer to September.

Clues of a new season about to begin. This reminds me of how hope flows throughout the year; in Spring the bud of a crocus or daffodil, followed by glorious Summer sun with the promise of heat on skin, then Autumn with crisp crunch leaves beneath feet and then to Winter, with ‘rugged up’ clothing and warm evenings in front of the telly, drinking steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

Hope permeates our season. However, in life there are seasons; youth, middle age and older age. I view life as walking thropugh seasons. And always Hope is our friend, to guide us through. Hope appears differently at different stages; a telephone call here, a text there, a helping hand to move a storage unit into another one here (thank you to Delroy and Mr Bib), Hope is being kept in mind, not forgetting someone exists, especially if they are having a tough timr.

Sometimes in our seasons of life, tragedy strikes. The day is darkened by bereavement or bad news. But Hope is there even when we do not feel hopeful, even when we feel desolate or depressed and dare I say it, as if we wnat to exit stage left (yes that’s a euphemism). Hope never judges, never criticises, always hoping for a better season for us.

And I also hope one day to enter a heavenly home, I personally have a faith that there is another life beyond this present one, where there is perfect peace and no suffering, where Hope is fulfilled and sheer beauty surrounds and angels sing.

Today’s recipe of hope is to understand and reflect on the season you are in. Embrace it and if you need support, reach out. If you are able to offer support, reach out. And embrace the season in your country; enjoy Autumn, UK followers. And please tell us about the season where you live; I would love to hear from all followers.

May you know Hope’s comfort, whatever season you are in X


  1. Certainly there’s a chill in the air this morning and I notice a little twinge of anticipation like the hopefulness at the beginning of a new school year (although I am 45+ years past going to school). My toes were definitely chilly on the kitchen floor this morning.
    So, today I am grateful for:
    ~ the “toastie warm” socks knitted for me by my friend Mel from Brawlbin Crafts of Thurso (yhey even have fairisle tulips growing just above the heel)
    ~ the sun shining through the petals of white campion plants flowering in my front garden and peeping into my front room;
    ~ some mandarins and a lemon that are going to get together later to make a couple of glowing jars of marmalade … oooh, what a smell!
    (There are more gratitudes at

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