Hope is ordinary

Today’s post is examining our ordinary, everyday existence. Routine is part of life, routine and mundane things that are not exciting; washing, cleaning, cooking. But hope is in all this.

Hope is in our getting out of bed to greet the first breath of morning, it is walking to the shop, going to the Zoom meeting, texting your friend to ask how they are, laughing at a corny joke. Hope is the millions of ordinary, routine things in a day.

Hope is in the crazy routines; brushing teeth, ironing shirts, wearing the same pink lipstick. Hope is the quirks we see in others, the odd habits, little idiosyncrasies, annoying traits. Because this makes us human. Ordinary humans leading ordinary, everyday lives.

Hope is ordinary. It is in the moment, hope of getting through today, enjoying things along the way. And being the best version of ourselves.

Today’s recipe of hope is to embrace the ordinary and celebrate it. Enjoy the day’s simple routines, embrace your partner’s quirks and habits. And just enjoy being human.

May we all enjoy life, ordinary everyday life X

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