Hope is extraordinary

I am blown away by the power of hope. Sometimes, it is just about the hope to survive. Today, winds are battering the Kent coast and it lifted my spirits to see one of the wonderful gentlemen without a home, walking along swathed in a cagoule we had given him today at our clothing bank. Battling the odds. The extraordinary power of hope.

I think Hope shines brightest when things are darkest, as they say ‘the darkest hour is just before dawn’. In tragedy, it is amazing how people can find hope of a better tomorrow. Tears may be shed, grief may show its face for a long while, but Hope is there always, offering comfort and support.

I love the hope I see in the community who visit the foodbank. They shine with dignity and a joy that perhaps comes through adversity; the joy of surviving against the odds. They are all very grateful for the items that have been kindly donated and often express this to the staff and volunteers. It is a joy to work in this project, it really is.

As Storm Francis rages, I hope beyond the storm, for a peaceful tomorrow. I think of life like this; a series of storms, then lulls when we can replenish our strength. I also think of life as mountains we need sometimes to climb. Those wonderful mountaineers like Tensing and Hillary were amazing hope warriors.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider the extraordinary nature of hope and to reflect on the storms you may be facing. Are you full of hope? Or does it seem to have abated? And are you facing a mountain? Climb one step at a time and you will get there.

May we all know the power of overcoming, extraordinary hope X

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