Hope shapes our future

Robert Schuller hope quote "Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future"

Today I am using Robert Schuller’s wise words as the basis of our adventure into hope. It is so easy to build blocks of hurt rather than blocks of hope. Disappointment adds to disappointment, loss to loss and before we know it life is viewed through hurt rather than hope.

Undoing all this is pretty tricky. However one major aspect I feel shapes the rebuild structure is choice. Choice then shapes attitude and in my opinion attitude determines progress. Having an attitude of gratitude helps, as does an attitude of recovery.

This is not easy. For those of us who have suffered trauma, it takes courage, gritted teeth and sometimes sheer resilience. But it is possible. And that is why I sit at my laptop day after day typing away. Not just for you lovely followers and visitors, but for myself. Because I want to progress in my hope quest. I want to build a life upon hope, not a flimsy ethereal hope, but a real gritty fighting hope that climbs mountains, has adventures and is brave and full of fighting spirit.

Today’s recipe of hope is to think carefully and honestly about this question: are you building your life upon hurts or hope? And if it is becoming dominated by hurts then please seek some help to rebuild. Because hurt and trauma will eventually topple us over. The male suicide rate in the UK highlights this. And if you have built on hope, please share with us readers how you have done this. We would love to know your secret recipe.

May we all know how to build on hope not hurt and rebuild where necessary X


https://keepinspiringme/hope-quotes/ (Accessed 26/08/2020).

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