The secret life of bees

I have just finished a beautiful read called ‘The Secret Life of Bees’, which is very much about hope. Bee hope. So today I want to discuss bees and the wonderful things we can learn from these amazing insects.

‘For starters, colonies are extraordinary social structures. They’re harmonious and efficient communities where teamwork reigns. Perhaps it’s safe to say that no human society has ever reached that level of unity. Therefore, this is one of the many lessons we can learn from bees’.

Bees love teamwork. Each bee has a role to play and knows their place in the hive community. Unity within the community.

‘In the world of bees, you can never speak in singular form. Although each of them makes an individual contribution, their goal is the common good. Colonies are perfectly organized social structures in which each individual does a different task. Nevertheless, all tasks are synchronized with each other’.

Bee teamwork is epic. Practising for the common good. Each bee perfectly in synchronicity with the others, building a perfect unified world.

‘Each bee has a specific role in the hive. There’s no confusion over everyone’s tasks since each one knows what it has to do and carries it out. That little insect society is surprisingly complex. In general, there’s a queen, the drones, and the workers. However, the latter further divide into specific roles’.

Every bee knows its place and does not envy another bee, or try to usurp it. Each bee sticks to its own task and gets the job done.

When a bee collects nectar, it doesn’t do it for itself. Namely, it does so because it’s essential for the survival of the hive. For instance, the bees who collect nectar only live approximately 30 days. However, the time required to produce the honey is two months. In other words, they never get to see the fruit of their labor. Their level of generosity is astounding’.

Bees are givers and perform their work for the collective good. They are amazingly kind and generous. Bees are full of hope.

Today’s recipe of hope is to learn freom bees. Study them a little and put some of their wonderful life lessons into practice. That is what I intend to do.

References (accessed 27/08/2020).

Monk, S.M., The Secret Life of Bees (2002),London, England: Hodder Headline Ltd.

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