Followers of hope

Tonight I was wondering what I should write about and I think it is time to celebrate another milestone. I love to do this, because hope is what my site is all about and all you readers, many of whom I may never meet, have followed and visited my site.

So my celebration is for 1000 views. I always like to shout out when I reach a milestone with a big zero at the end. And I want to thank my biggest viewing audience, which coincides with the 1000th visit, which is the United Kingdom. I thank my personal friends especially, who have encouraged and supported me along my journey ( you know who you are).

I am well into my hope adventure now and have kept my promise to write every day for a year. It has been a path of surprises, ups and downs and of course a path leading directly into a pandemic. I am glad to have been walking with Hope, because she has kept me going, like my Guardian Angel.

With 17 weeks until Christmas, I think about the end of my Hope adventure of 2020 and wonder what next. I will write daily until the end of the year and then decide what the next chapter will be.

I am truly grateful to all of you who have read my posts and engaged by either reading or commenting or both.

Today’s recipe of hope is to reflect upon your year; what hope lessons have you learned? And what will you carry to next year? And what will you abandon?

I wish you all a wonderful hope adventure as the months are flying by X

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