It’s okay not to be okay

Following on from yesterday’s post. I wanted to explore more about not being optimistic in the face of adversity. What the Stockdale paradox teaches us (see previous post), is to face adversity head on, embrace it, grit your teeth and endure. Hoping pain will blw away like the wind will not cut it in the face of cancer, or other life threatening conditions. What will work is to bravely battle forth.

It is okay to say we are not okay. That is part of the hope adventure. It is okay to admit to vulnerability, mistakes and failures and it’s okay to feel dreadful: that is being human. But in my opinion optimism, which is unreal is fake and does not carry us through. It is lovely to have an upbeat nature, but faced with adversity, this can just crumble into dust. The strength of character comes from being very real and hopeful in the sense of hoping to get through, not defining the perameters.

Please feel free to comment; these are only my views, although the Stockdale paradox is from someone who knows about adversity and how to tackle it, so has plenty to teach us. I also want to say that it is okay not to subscribe to the pressure to ‘look perfect’ on social media, to post stuff that challenges ie this month is Suicide Prevention month and I like to post about that. It is find to admit to battling with mental health issues, because many of us do.

Today'[s recipe of hope is to admit if you are not okay. That is okay. And if you are doing okay great, enjoy the moment. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, whatever place you are in. Because as the wonderful Brenee Brown tells us, it builds connection.

(accessed 01/09/2020)

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