Beautiful bundles of hope

Two days ago I had the pleasure of holding what I would describe as hope bundles; two tiny kittens, three weeks old. What a joy!

To me, kittens encapsulate hope, as do puppies. They are delightful. I had longed for some ‘fur therapy’ and had the pleasure of teaching these little ones how to interact with humans, so they will grow up to be love cats. I met Juno and Hercules.

All four adults and one child sat, enraptured by the tiny forms, as they suckled, then wandered, then cuddled. I let Juno explore the scent of my pink sweatshirt, later followed by the inky black Hercules. Mama Pumpkin took it all in her stride.

I had such a joyous afternoon and totally recommend those of you animal lovers without pets to find a pet you can engage with in a safe way. You can also visit an animal sanctuary or foster a pet.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider our wonderful furry friends. There are many in rescue centres in need of a new home, so perhaps you may like to give one a home, so perhaps you may like to adopt a donkey in a donkey sanctuary. Or if you are a pet owner, enjoy and cherish your pet. Animals thrive on love and tender care

May we all respect the animals we share the planet with X

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