Lest we forget

Today the title of the blog is a reminder that it is so easy to overlook the most vulnerable in society. Christmas is approaching and there is an emphasis on family celebrations. But for many people. Christmas will be spent in a tent, or even worse, a shop doorway.

As you are aware, I run a clothing and shoe bank and today two of our visitors who do not have an address, were able to speak with a housing officer, which is tremendous. This evening, someone is setting up a Secret Santa group on facebook and I thought of our most marginalised, who should not be forgotten.

It is important people never feel invisible or forgotten, because that kills hope. We need to include all in society and charities do a wonderful job of including the vulnerable. It is easy to ignore the plight of others, but I think it is incumbent upon us to extend a hand of hope this Christmas, even if it is just donating a small amount to a charity.

The foodbank I work in has distributed 1575 bags of food in the last 11 weeks. This shows the tremendous need that exists for help. Many people have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet and feed their children.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider giving a hope gift this Christmas, whatever that may look like. It may be writing a poem for someone, or drawing a picture. It can cost nothing, because it is the hope that counts!

Keep remembering those who should not be forgotten X


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