Hope defies the odds

Dave Clark interview: Darts presenter lifts lid on five years of battling  Parkinson's - and refusing to throw in the towel - Mirror Online

Today I want to celebrate a man who is defying the odds. Dave Clarke continued to work as a TV presenter for ten years, following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. He continued to work until recently. He is now defying the odds once again. All credit to this amazing man, who embraces his situation, yet lives with dignity and courage.

Dave Clark is to walk the length of Hadrian’s Wall in September to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK.

The former Sky Sports presenter has previously undertaken the St Bee’s to Robin Hood’s Bay Coast to Coast Walk and the Dales Way walk as part of his #MarchForACure fundraising for Parkinson’s UK.

With the coronavirus pandemic having ended his plans to trek to Everest Base Camp later this year, Dave will now challenge himself to walk the 90-mile length of Hadrian’s Wall from September 3-8.

“I was planning a trip to Everest base Camp, but that nasty virus got in the way!” wrote Dave, a member of the PDC Hall of Fame.

“Although this walk is a little easier than going to the Himalayas, it’s still a big challenge. My ten years living with Parkinson’s means walking is becoming increasingly difficult.

“I also had knee replacement surgery a year ago. Parkinson’s could eventually rob me of the ability to walk, talk and smile, it’s a one way street, there’s no cure.

“I know these are tough times, but if you can help me to help Parkinson’s UK fund a cure, that would be fab.”

Clarky Walks The Wall Route
Day One (September 3) – Wallsend to Heddon, 15.7 miles
Day Two (September 4) – Heddon to Chollerford, 16 miles
Day Three (September 5) – Chollerford to Once Brewed, 12.7 miles
Day Four (September 6) – Once Brewed to Brampton, 16 miles
Day Five, (September 7) – Lanercost to Carlisle, 14 miles
Day Six (September 8) – Carlisle to Bowness-On-Solway, 14.9 miles

Follow Dave Clark on Twitter through @DaveClarkTV.ARTICLE BY DAVE ALLEN29/07/20 7:30AM


https://www.pdc.tv/news/2020/07/29/dave-clark-aims-conquer-hadrians-wall (accessed 04/09/2020)


  1. Your post really helped me today Melody. Terminal and uncurbable illness of any type is so debilitating and this man shows extreme courage in the midst of a terrible infliction. It takes guts to keep going when you are feeling so poorly.

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