Learning from those with difficulties

As I have shared before, I work with vulnerable adults, many of whom have learning difficulties. And they teach me an immense amount.

This week I would like to share a story of a man who was homeless, then in residential care and now lives independently. He is okay with me sharing his story, but I won’t use his name. He has learnt to be independent over the months and the other day, he came to visit the foodbank and brought a friend who he used to live with when he was in a home. She is wheelchair bound and he took her out for the day and treated her to a meal in a cafe. That was a lesson to me in hope and human kindness. One person with some difficulties helping another.

We can easily rate people on the basis of intelligence, class or race. But to me what defines people as good humans, is kindness to others. Being kind costs nothing and is so meaningful. In fact to many, such as thos without a home, kindness and respect can make their day.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider those in our sphere who may be less able and to honour them in some way, with a thought, a prayer or even volunteering to work with them in a safe way. And let us all be kind to our fellow hiumans, whatever package they come in.

Let’s change the world by learning from others X

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