Today’s hope lesson

There are many hope lessons in life and these are often from others who do not know they are teachers. They are simply living their lives, following their heart and yet doing so much to create hope. So here are some examples from my day at the clothing bank.

Today a wonderful woman came who had offered to help. The many wonderful donations were all piled up and higgledy piggledy. I never had time to sort them out. This lovely person worked tirelessly all morning and by the end, the room looked simply wonderful, everything in an orderly manner. I felt so uplifted and hopeful. She is returning on Thursday, to help restore some more order to the chaos. We were able to locate items that were needed and give them out, rather than not knowing where anything was and ferreting around.

I have for many days had to do a bit of a balancing act as I wheel the three legged clothes rail outside. The rail fell over the other day and I felt a clank of metal thump against my head, followed by a shower of clothes burying me. Another wonderful woman had brought a canvas wardrobe, which will serve as a clothes rail. So now we have rails for men, woman and children, all working well. And she then helped me empty the rail and hammer the wheel that had fallen off back on, so it no longer needs to rest on a dustbin lid. She also taped on the top of the rail, so it can’t fall off and send me to A and E with a head injury!

Two women, doing small helpful acts that led to my having an amazing day. And not to forget someone else who kindly brought in loads of Star Wars toys along with other things, that made the day of someone who has been really struggling with life. We are never to old to play with toys. And the many people who brought generous donations today and other days, simply wanting to bless others with things.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider your day and think about those hope carriers and what they did. And learn from them. Because that has a massive ripple effect!

May we bless each other’s lives in small ways X

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