A hope army

I have recently been bowled over by the people of the community where I live. A true army of hope, changing things. And this is how.

Mr Bib kindly donated two rucksacks to the clothes bank, having heard of the need. They were taken by two pavement dwellers. I met a lovely lady today who has had some hard knocks and wants to reach out to others herself. She gave two lovely hygiene bags for ladies and this will bless two women on the streets this Christmas. She has also given lovely coats. Someone who is housebound gave me a lovely donation too. And so many more people have kindly donated. Our little project is bulging with lovely items to pass on to those who have little or nothing.

And I had an amazing helper the other day, who tidied and sorted, so I could speak to people out the front and distribute things. And a woman who uses the project has offered to help. And someone is coming tomorrow to clean and sort toys, so we can give them to needy families for Christmas.

This dear readers is an army of hope. A small and growing army who are kind and generous and help others selflessly. Most will never meet the people they help ( although they may see someone wearing something they once owned). This is my new normal. And it is a privilege to be part of it.

Today’s recipe of hope is to think about your hope army. It may be your spouse and children, or your friendship circle. And it may be you, with your books or favourite tunes. Because some do not have anyone in their lives. And if that is you this evening, I am thinking of you. Keep hoping forward my friend.

May we be humans that change the world, one hope at a time X

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